Marion Kryczka is a Chicago based artist. His work has been exhibited in solo and group exhibitions throughout the United States and Europe.

The artist consciously manipulates a seeming realism in the service of transcendent perception. – Perhaps one of the reasons that these techniques contribute so much to the quiet power of expression in the works is that they arise so naturally and unobtrusively. The artist throughout his life experience has assimilated the past of art and human histories and, with an impressive talent and lively technique, allows instinct to mould his expression. Kryczka, at the opening of the exhibition, preferred to pass over a point by point explanation of specific paintings, and, when questioned by one of the gallery-goers, gave one of the most intelligent responses any creative artist can give: ‘I see a painting — who cares what it means — I like it.

– G. Jurek Polanski, review of 1999 exhibition at the Fine Arts Building Gallery, Chicago.

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For exhibition and artwork inquiries: Please call (312) 480-1552 or contact Marion here inquire about work or to request a studio visit.